Managhair / Alfaparf - Gestión integral de peluquería

If you are a Managhair customer and you don't have your username and password you can register here.

If you are a Managhair registered user and have forgotten your login information, remember here.

You need a valid license number to use Managhair. You need to enter a CDKEY you will find in your purchase documentation, this together with a registration number you will see on your screen on the first run will be enough to activate Managhair.

Send SMS with appointment reminders, birthday greetings, promotional services…
New PromoSMS sends SMS with links to web promotions, surveys or pre-sale of services. Ask your dealer for more information.

Backup your data in a secure and easy way. Forget about pen-drives or that daily task no-one wants to do.
Everything is done automatically, our technical department checks whether the backups are being performed correctly.


Check appointments, clients technical and history records, end of day details, all from your mobile or tablet.

Remote Support

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